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History .

Manufacturing fine jewelry has been a passion in the Joseph family for four generations and our founder was a renowned craftsman who created exquisite, hand-made pieces. Hatton Designs of London is staying true to its' lineage by creating original jewelry designs using old-world craftsmanship techniques which are now combined with our proprietary, state of the art technology.

Our parent company, IPCS, supplies the precision investment casting industry with materials and technology and it has worked closely in the aerospace, medical, and power generation sectors. The technology and engineering used to make cast metal components for those industries requires sophisticated, high-tech, incredibly precise engineering standards. As one can imagine, a turbine blade for an aircraft jet engine must be completely flawless and consistently perform under extreme conditions. Hatton Designs of London has drawn from these standards as we are incorporating radical casting technology to manufacture our new `Design and Set’ TM series of jewelry findings. As a result of a two year research and development project, our components are engineered to high precision with tolerances never before realized in the jewelry industry. Our innovative locking system is so revolutionary that several design patents are pending. This is a test

The simple premise for the `Design and Set’ series is to provide the jeweler with increased profits by reducing assembly time. We offer a large selection of shanks and stone settings which can be easily interchanged in seconds to create a wide variety of truly unique rings. Never before has a jeweler been able to interchange so many components with such high accuracy and speed. In our latest collection, we are uniting classic designs with contemporary while combining innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship values. This truly is the next generation of jewelry.


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